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Seeing is Believing

The official Standard Chartered Great City Race 2014 beneficiary is Seeing is Believing.

Seeing is Believing is a charitable initiative which helps tackle avoidable blindness around the world. All funds will be matched by Standard Chartered helping to make a long term and positive impact to the lives of thousands of people.

Globally, 285 million people are moderately or severely visually impaired; 39 million are blind. Yet 80 per cent of blindness is avoidable and simple measures can make a massive difference not only to an individual but also to their family, local community and wider economy.

How you’re helping by taking part:

To celebrate its 10-year anniversary, Standard Chartered has set a target to raise USD 100,000. The intention is to allocate the funds raised to the ongoing East Africa Seeing is Believing Child Eye Health programme. All funds will be matched pound for pound by Standard Chartered Bank.

It is estimated between 8,500-10,000 children are blind in the East Africa region. The impact of blindness and visual impairment on children is far greater than for adults. In terms of the impact on reducing years lived with disability, curing a child of blindness is, on average, equivalent to curing 10 adults with cataract blindness. Blindness and visual impairment have serious effects on the educational and employment opportunities of children (less than 10% of blind children attend school and at least 40% of blindness in children is preventable or treatable).

The East Africa Child Eye Health programme is the first of five flagship childhood projects to be set up by Seeing is Believing. The project, started in 2012 and will run until 2016 in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, with the objective to reach a total of 4 million children aged 0 – 15 years, leading to improved quality of the children’s lives and educational performance.

Run for Seeing is Believing:

Why not use your place in the Standard Chartered Great City Race to make a positive and tangible difference to someone else's life and run for Seeing is Believing. Fundraising for Seeing is Believing couldn’t be easier....simply choose from one of the options below:

Find out how you
make a difference
to blindness
around the world


“Every team of four who enter this year’s will provide enough funding to train 1 health worker in Primary Eye Care”