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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below the most commonly asked questions on how to enter, what to do once confirmed as entered and information on Race Day

How to Enter

  • Q: Our company has never entered the event before/ did not enter last year - how do we enter?

  • A: The Standard Chartered Great City Race team will invite all the companies who took part last year back to compete the following year. There is an allotted time slot for those companies to respond to us to inform us they want to take part again. After this deadline we make contact with new companies who have left their details on the Register an Interest page on our website.

  • Register an Interest – If you have not entered this event before or have missed a year of taking part you will need to place your details on the Register an Interest waiting list. Once the deadline has passed for those companies who took part last year, any spare entries will be offered out to those companies on the waiting list. We will allocate on a first come first served basis. We will make contact from March onwards.

  • Q: Our company took part last year, how do we enter again?

  • A: All companies who took part in the Race last year will be contacted from February to enquire if they want to take part again. You will be sent details of what you need to do in order to secure your entries, there will be an allotted time slot for you to enter so please make sure you contact us if you have not heard from us by the end of February.

  • Q: Who can be in a team? Do I need to enter separate teams within my company?

  • A: It is important you understand when entering this event you should apply as ONE company, there is no need to split your company into teams.

    The teams are worked out AFTER you have run the Race. The four fastest across the line in your company will be the first scoring team and the next four the second and so on... There are three categories; male, female and mixed (this will be the fastest two males and fastest two females).

  • Q: My friend does not work for our company can they be part of my team, can they enter individually?

  • A: No. To make the race fair all runners taking part must be employees of the companies who have entered. This event is a corporate team challenge; we do not accept individual race entries.

  • Q: How much is it to take part?

  • A: Race entry costs £30 per person with £10 of the fee donated to Seeing is Believing.

Information for companies who have secured entries in the Standard Chartered Great City Race

  • Q: Some of my runners have pulled out. Is the entry fee refundable?

  • A: Once you have confirmed how many entries you require and have purchased them, the entries are not refundable – please see full Terms and Conditions. You can however make a substitution up until the entry deadline.

  • Q: I am the Company Team Captain, what is my role?

  • A: As Team Captain your role primarily is to ensure you send all your runners an entry link, check to see if they have received this link and make sure they all enter before the deadline.

    Details on how to do this will be sent to you via email.

  • Q: Can we fundraise?

  • A: You are more than welcome to raise funds for an independent charity. £10 of individual runner entry fees will be donated to Seeing is Believing as the official race beneficiary.

  • Q: Some of the runners in our company are really quick and want to start at the front, how do they do this?

  • A: All runners will be asked to input their predicted time for 5km, we ask that all runners insert a realistic time for their capability and we may ask runners to provide proof of a previous performance. After the entry deadline we assess how many runners we can accommodate in the Fast Zone. Those who are fast enough will receive a marker on their race number. Please note we do not issue Fast Zone stickers after the entry deadline or on the evening of the Race.

  • Q: I am the Team Captain, all my runners have been entered into the entry console before the entry deadline, what is the next step to receive my team’s Race numbers and timing tags?

  • A: All companies who have entered and paid on time will receive race packs for the attention of their Team Captain. A race pack will be couriered out to the Company Team Captain on the Monday before the event to the address submitted into the entry console. Each race pack contains – runner number, timing tag, final instructions, pins, wire ties for tag.

Race Day

  • Q: What facilities and provisions will there be for runners on the day?

  • A: All runners will receive a 'finisher bag' containing food snack items and a medal. Sized finisher t-shirts will be available after you have finished the Race.

    Supplies of bottled water will be available before and after the race. Changing facilities will be available however there is no baggage storage so please leave valuables with friends who have come along to support you.

  • Q: How long is the race?

  • A: 5km

  • Q: What time does the race start?

  • A: 19:15

  • Q: Are there showers at the finish?

  • A: No. There will be a changing tent.

  • Q: Where is the start/finish of the race?

  • A: The official race route can be viewed on the drop down menu ‘Race Info’ on the Great City Race website.

  • Q: Will I receive a result

  • A: Yes provisional race results will be hosted the following day. You will be notified of a link to access your time.

  • Q: None of the above answers my question, what should I do?

  • A: please contact the Great City Race help team
    Tel 020 7902 0200 or email cityrace@londonmarathonevents.co.uk


“Every team of four who enter this year’s will provide enough funding to train 1 health worker in Primary Eye Care”