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Training Tips For All Runners

It’s easy to focus all your energy on your pre-race routine and forget about how you actually intend to do during the 5km run itself. So, what do you need to do?

Pace yourself! Make sure you leave enough in the tank to reach the finish by pacing yourself properly during the race.

Recent studies have demonstrated that running the 1.5k of a 5km 8% faster than your goal pace is the optimal pacing strategy.

Looking to beat that PB? The answer to running your quickest is to find that happy middle ground, run 3-6% faster than your goal pace for the first mile, and then kick hard for the final 800 m.

Key nutrition points before running 5km

To Carbo Load or Not To Carbo Load

You might be forgiven for thinking that you can jog around the course pretty easily today but without eating the right types of food, this might mean that you’re in danger of hitting the wall.

True, you don’t have to be eating kilos of pasta before the race but you should be looking at what you eat, ensuring you are releasing the right type of energy to your muscles at the right time.

When you eat, the majority of carbs are stored in muscles and liver in the form of glycogen. When the glycogen in your body runs out, that’s when you hit that wall – here’s what we’re eating today:

1x 50g of porridge oats with a tablespoon of honey
1x banana
1x glass of fruit juice
1 pot of fruit yogurt

Morning Snack
1x cereal bar

1x jacket potato with baked beans
500ml of water
1x packet of dried fruit

Afternoon Snack
1x Oatmeal Biscuit