Why You Should Try Treadmill Running

Treadmills can form a key part of your training programme for the Standard Chartered Great City Race. Consider giving them a go for the reasons explained here.

Top 5 Stretches For Runners

Perform these five key stretches after each run and you'll feel much fresher for the next one.

Top 10 Rules Of Training

Before starting your Standard Chartered Great City Race training, you should be aware of these top 10 rules.

Improver’s 5K Training Schedule

If you have been running regularly for several months and want to improve your 5k time, this schedule should help you reach that goal.

How To Conquer Hill Running

Running uphill is hard work but it can give a real boost to your training. Here’s what you need to know.

Get Faster With Fartlek Running

Once you’re into the groove and running regularly, your next ambition might be to get faster. Fartlek sessions will help you move that dial.

From Zero To Hero In Six Weeks

If you are completely new to running, the following programme will help you to run for 30 minutes in just six weeks.                         

10 Top Motivation Tips

Everyone has days when they just don’t feel like getting out to run. The next time you struggle to get out of the door, follow our 10 top motivation tips…

Beginner's 5k Training Schedule

If you’ve successfully completed a run/walk programme, you’re ready to train for your first 5K race. This training schedule will help you run the full distance.

Build A Better Breakfast

The next time you find yourself stuck in a breakfast rut, check out these pre and post-run healthy eating ideas for a more nutritious and colourful way to start the day.